Finger Girl Tale

  Once upon a time, a kind-hearted woman named Bella, who lived in distant and beautiful lands in the past, wanted very much to have a small child. Bella, who left the house to walk around early one morning, met an old woman on the way. They started chatting with the old woman. Then the old woman said, “I loved you very much. That's why I want to help you." After saying that, he handed Bella the barley grain he had taken out of his pocket and said, "Here, this is not the barley you know. Plant this grain of barley in your garden and wait for it to sprout.” she said. Unable to hide her amazement, Bella thanked the old aunt and took the barley grain and planted it in a large flower pot in her garden. Waiting eagerly for the barley she planted to sprout, Bella would go to the flowerpot every morning as soon as she got up to see if the barley was green or not. Two days later, a flower resembling a tulip emerged from the pot. But since the leaves of the flower a